Founded in 1991, located in Hangji Industrial Park of Yangzhou City, PERFECT GROUP Co., Ltd. was established as a professional and world-class manufacturer of toothbrushes, dental flosses, interdental brush, denture and cleansing tablets with high quality and cost-effective price. Meanwhile, we have furnished with advanced equipment and technology from customers world wide. With years of design and production experience, advanced technology and equipment, and competitive local labor cost, we have vertically integrated our own tooling plant, plastic injection plant, turfing and end-rounded plant and packaging plant.To enrich our product line, our company has phased in the production of dental flosses, interdental, denture and oral care accessories. We not only have air-purifying clean rooms to keep comfortable and tidy manufacturing environment, but also are equipped with precise full-automatic production lines imported from Europe to provide the world-standard quality products for various OEM/ODM customers worldwide.

Brand Story